Matthew B. Smith

Matthew Smith is the founding attorney of the Law Office of Matthew B. Smith. Born and raised in Los Angeles County, he and his family spent each summer vacationing on the Sacramento Delta where he enjoyed waterskiing, wakeboarding and cruising the river. Today, with his five girls and one boy, he continues to cruise the river and delta in his boat named 5to1. 

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Smith owned and operated a restaurant in Lyndonville Vermont for two years and then began working in the Oil and Gas business where he researched and examined the ownership and legal title of properties throughout the State of California. 

In 2004, Mr. Smith teamed up with the Law Office of John M. Coyle and began practicing Family Law, Bankruptcy and Civil Litigation in Solano County.  In 2006, he expanded into Yolo and Sacramento Counties. 

Mr. Smith believes that today’s Family Law Practitioner must act as a family lawyer, providing services in business, estate planning, conservatorship and guardianships as well as expertise in family law and divorce. 

Mr. Smith believes that for the sake of children, parents must understand that their marital breakup does not sever the family ties for the children.  Therefore, people should understand that a divorce simply changes the family dynamic; it doesn’t terminate the family.  This means that parents using their children to hurt the other parent must be dealt with swiftly and severely to prevent continued emotional harm to your children.  Unfortunately, the parents themselves are dealing with their own emotional uncertainty and fear and do not always have the ability to see how their actions are harmful to the children.  

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